The Center for Global Safe Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene at Emory University (CGSW) has developed an assessment tool to evaluate WASH conditions within HCF in low- and middle-income countries. This tool is known as the WASH Conditions Assessment Tool, or simply WASHCon. The tool is designed to:

  1. Develop a comprehensive overview of the status of WASH conditions, infrastructure and resources in a given HCF.
  2. Provide data to inform and prioritize programmatic activities to improve WASH in HCF.
  3. Contribute to the evidence base for advocacy and action in the area of WASH in HCF.

The WASHCon assessment tool evaluates WASH conditions across five domains. These domains are guided by the indicators for WASH in HCF as defined WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP). The WASHCon domains are as follows:

  1. Water supply
  2. Sanitation facilities
  3. Hand hygiene facilities
  4. Enumerators testing water samples for chlorine residual
  5. Environmental cleanliness
  6. Waste management

Three types of data collection methods are used for the WASHCon: surveys, observational checklists and water quality testing. The rapid assessment is conducted on mobile devices by one to two enumerators/HCF and uploaded into pre-programmed dashboards via a cellular or wireless internet network (not required during data collection).

The WASHCon dashboard calculates evaluation scores on a scale of 1 – 3 for each of the WASH domains, as well as an overall score that is an average of all the domains. The scores are determined based on the responses to the survey questions, observation checklists, and water quality testing results. The scores are then color coded either green, yellow or red like a traffic light to indicate the WASH status of the HCF. The traffic light scores reflect the JMP service ladder for WASH in HCF.

From this assessment, implementers are able to prioritize the different WASH domains. By using in combination with WASH risk assessment tools, like WHO’s WASH Facility Improvement Tool (WASH FIT), you can take a targeted approach to the improvement of WASH conditions and allocate resources responsibly. WASHCon may also function as a progress check, helping stakeholders to track improvements over time. Using the JMP indicators dashboard, data collected from WASHCon can inform progress toward SDG #6 of WASH coverage for all by 2030.

The WASHCon Dashboard:

The WASHCon tool uses an online dashboard to visualize the results of the WASHCon Assessment.  The dashboard can be accessed here, and includes a gauge of the average total score of all four domains for the healthcare facility, and both a bar chart and radar plot of the individual scores for each domain assessed.

Sample Dashboard Gauge


Sample Bar Chart for Domain Scores Sample

 Sample Radar Plot for Domain Scores