The 2014-2017 ‘Safe Water for Cambodian Health Facilities’ Program was a GE Foundation-supported initiative aimed at improving WASH in public healthcare facilities in Cambodia. The program was focused around the donation of water treatment systems to referral hospitals.

As the program’s Research & Capacity Building partner, CGSW activities included:

  • M&E of the water treatment systems, including routine water quality testing
  • Evaluation of the sustainability of safe water provision through the Safe Water Sustainability Metric tool (link)
  • Development and testing of the WASH in HCF conditions tool, WASHCon (link)
  • Needs assessment of the WASH knowledge, attitudes and practices of clinicians and cleaners
  • Training for clinicians and cleaners on WASH topics identified in the needs assessment
  • Technical support to the inclusion of WASH in HCF in national guidelines, policies and assessments
  • Microbiological assessment of environmental contamination in the maternity wards
  • Advocacy for WASH in HCF among stakeholders, including the Cambodian government