The 2013-2015 Safe Water for Honduran Healthcare Facilities Program evaluated the impact and sustainability of water treatment systems donated by General Electric Foundation to health facilities in 6 healthcare facilities in Ghana.

As the programs research and capacity building partner, CGSW activities included:

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the water treatment system
  • Developing the sustainability metric which provides a scoring system to assess and track four main domains of sustainability: technical feasibility, onsite capacity, accountability, and institutional engagement.
  • Ensuring Sustainability of the water treatment system through the Safe Water Sustainability Metric Tool
  • Needs assessment of the WASH attitudes, knowledge and practice of healthcare staff
  • Training of healthcare staff on prioritizing WASH in healthcare facilities
  • Galvanizing evidence for action in WASH in Healthcare Facilities through stakeholder engagement
  • Identifying and documenting the most important elements necessary for the sustained provision of safe water in HCF. This work informed the WASHCon Tool.