The 2015-2018 Safe Water for Ugandan Healthcare Facilities Program is a GE foundation supported initiative aimed at improving WASH in Healthcare Facilities in Uganda. The program is focused on the donation of water treatment systems to healthcare facilities in South Western Uganda, assessment of WASH conditions in healthcare facilities and understanding the risk of healthcare acquired infections due to inadequate WASH.

As the programs research and capacity building partner, CGSW activities includes:

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the water treatment system
  • Ensuring Sustainability of the water treatment system through the Safe Water Sustainability Metric Tool
  • Needs assessment of the WASH attitudes, knowledge and practice of healthcare staff
  • Training of healthcare staff on prioritizing WASH in healthcare facilities
  • Development of a Governance Framework for WASH in healthcare facilities
  • Conducting studies to understand the risk of healthcare acquired infections due to inadequate WASH and the determinants of healthcare seeking behavior of mothers
  • Provision of technical support for the development of national indicators for WASH in healthcare facilities.
  • Galvanizing evidence for action in WASH in Healthcare Facilities through stakeholder engagement